the food interpreters

the food interpreters

We are Aspassia (the other food interpreter) and Manos (the food interpreter) and we are living in Athens, Greece. One of us is a musician, the other is an engineer.

We believe that food is a kind of diary, if you can read it correctly. We both grew up in households with grandmothers that arrived as refugees. Part of their heritage was kept in the way they cooked – probably this is why they could not put up with any deviations from the ‘correct recipe’.

The food is part of our travels, not just because of the epicurean pleasure (although we have to admit that those curry camarons were particularly tasty), but also because of the associations it can evoke and (perhaps most of all) because you keep asking : what kind of people and culture have produced this?

So food is a diary because it keeps all sorts of memories and evokes the pleasure, intimacy and excitement you had when you sat to have this mountain cheese.

We decided to set up the food interpreters because we want to share our love with food and its associations, and some really good recipes.

Here is some travel-related literature that we like:

White Mughals, From the Holy Mountain by William Dalrymple. Time of Gifts by Patrick Leigh Fermor.  The lonely planet guides. Travelling Heroes by Robin Lane Fox. The light of the world by Derek Walcott. The astrolabe by Fotis Kontoglou.

And some artists:

Thomas Struth, Andreas Gursky, Karl Blossfeld, Lucian Freud, Gerhard Richter.

And some cookbooks:

Heston Blumenthal at home, Breakfast Lunch Tea by Rose Carrarini, Cookbooks by Aglaia Kremezi, Everything by Ottolenghi, Hawksmoor at home, Thai Food by David Thompson.

Photos are by Manos Margaritis.

Contact us at: thefoodinterpreter@gmail.com



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