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Chimichurri sauce

I dreamed of barbeques in Patagonia, after long treks and under a southern night sky of unfamiliar constellations.  The only sound would be the cracking of the woods in the fire, the weather chilly and the wind fresh. Ah, Patagonia a mythical place, still wild. The names of mountains, lakes,  rivers and water passages  on the maps still not completely absorbed by the place –suited for the imagination of a kid still hoping there are unexplored lands and mystery in the world. And then I read Bruce Chatwin’s “In Patagonia” and my desire evaporated. Patagonia did not seem that innocent and fresh anymore. It stands out as a place of difficulty, broken wills and  social consequences – not to mention  Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch .  I am sure this does not make justice to Patagonia, but, in a time of Covid travel restrictions, what else can we do but armchair traveling and relying on the stories of others who have been there.. Chimichurri is a sauce for gauchos in the pampa. This version is …