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The Lockdown GBTS Project

What can you do when in lockdown? Eat well. Ontop, as parents of a child in e-learning, we needed a decent amount of alcohol. I would say that the occupation around food and drink became something of a modest obsession..All that had consequences. When going back to a somewhat more normal routine you notice that clothes don’t quite fit ( I had the impression that my pants upper button would launch and hit somebody in the eye or knock a person dead).  When running the familiar route around the hill I began making concessions to the steep parts, accelerating only when another runner appeared.. So we had to face the simple fact: we gained weight!  For my part I even considered doing nothing about it, and spending the rest of my life with the extra kilos. Then again, perhaps not. I fantasized journeys that you travel easiest when lean and fitting in my wetsuit. 
Our problem is that we don’t like diets (who does..) . Our assumption is that even if we stuck  to a diet for a period, we would slip into the previous habits without thinking much. So we decided to come up with some simple rules, and stopped eating sugar, wheat (mostly) and pasta. This – besides the obvious – had a couple of consequences in our lifestyle: No more cookies with coffee, no extravagant breakfasts, no deserts, no saying yes to the small temptations.. A glass of wine Fridays and Saturdays we allow. You switch to a more calvinistik state of mind and discipline your habits. We have stuck to this for several weeks now, and – in our case – it has worked. We intend to keep it longer on a strict basis, and then relax it with discipline. 
And now the big question: Do we eat well? YES! First of all we even more than before try to source good ingredients: fish, meat, fruit and vegs. Our excess now is the size of fish.. We stacked the pantry with fresh spices. And we now have the recipes for tasty food and (we like to believe ) rather healthy and light food. We intend to share this newfound wisdom and tag recipes as “The lockdown G(etting)B(ack)T(o)S(hape) project”.


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